Wednesday, June 29, 2011

and another day passes

well, hell of a day so far. but first, we gotta catch up to last night.

so, okay. at the tiger truck stop. people kept giving me money, completely unasked. not that im complaining, but it gives me a bad look. oh well. after five hours a retired army ranger stopped and told me to hop in the back of his truck and that hed take me to houston. awesome stuff. actually, he should be reading this . thanks, john.

so, ive just gotten out of his truck, and i realize that i left my phone. not my tracfone, but my nice phone. shiiiiiiit. tried to chase him down, but hed already driven off. so i asked my dad to send  him an email. this guy drove an hour back to the stop to give me my phone. and get this, he had to fight off two black dudes whod stolen my phone from the back of his truck and were trying to sell it to him. good shit, john.

so, i sit for a couple hours before i decide to give it up for the night, and set up my tent. slept for four hours then got back at it. i was on the on ramp for all of two minutes before vince picked me up. vince was a hitchhiker himself, in the day, and he took me to katy, tx. all the while giving me good advice. so, i stopped in katy, took a shower, and changed, and now im headed back out.

hitchbro   n

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