Saturday, July 16, 2011

oh shit, here they come

hello, denizens of /b/! for all of you who just joined me, i wish you a happy hello.

um... so yeah. since my last update, i haven't really done much, i'm sorry to say. i've been painting stuff for peter, and looking for jobs. that's... about it. we did go eat at a vegetarian cafe the other day, the only time he's bought me food since i've been here. not that i'm complaining, i'm just trying not to be a leech.

anyway, this is probably my shortest update so far. all you need to know is that i'm safe! and clean! and warm! and inside! but not at a [10]. or even a [1]. wish i could rectify that.. :/

Monday, July 11, 2011

damn, i'm behind.

I know, I know. I'm behind. I'm dealing with that right now, damnit.

so. i'm currenly couchsurfing in long beach. which is where i think i want to move, actually. long beach. or one of the beach cities. or somewhere cheap near los angeles, really. i dunno.

over the past couple days i've met some ents, hung out with a bunch of really cool people from all over the world, and made some connections i think may pay off in the future.

as to what exactly i've been doing. well, i'll just continue from where we left off. robert took me up to long beach the night after i stayed there, because that's where he worked. good stuff, good stuff. i sat at a mcdonalds for a while trying to find a place to couchsurf, and i finally did, so i headed downtown to meet the guy. there, i hung out with some people i'd just met, talked about a bunch of really interesting stuff. eventually, the guy who was hosting me for the night, ara, came and got me from the coffee shop. we went back to his house, and other than a little misunderstanding, everything worked out fine.

cut to the next day. i'm walking around downtown long beach, trying to get to hermosa beach so i can see tosh's marathon. i come up like, 60 cents short of the bus, so i message another guy who offered to let me couchsurf, peter, and he took me down there. after watching a couple hours of daniel tosh act like a maniac, i hung out with an ent, and we headed down to citywalk, to see HBO, in an attempt to get in for free. an attempt, sadly, that failed miserably. citywalk was still a ton of fun, though. crazy place. i met a really nice comic while waiting outside. his girlfriend couldn't believe that i'd hitchhiked here.

the next day, devon and i met up with his friend kouresh. really nice dude. we went and explored the redondo pier for a bit, hung out on the beach far into the night, and eventually i was deposited back at peter's. i've been looking for jobs and apartments here ever since. (two days).

anyway, i'm updated now, damnit. i'll let you know as things progress!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

been a while.

sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days, i've been without internet, and we took an unscheduled stop in lake forest for a couple days. so, from where we left off.

nick and i left the rest in, headed for the bus station. managed to walk a mile before i told him that we probably wouldn't make the 8.5 necessary to get to the bus station in time, so we grabbed a cab. woo. got to the bus station for the grueling daylong ride to LA. on the bus, we met crackheads, grandmas, and more children than we really would've liked. but! we made it to los angeles, and that's what matters.

nick's friend mark came and got us from the bus station, we went over to his house, chilled out, and sat for a while, before nick's friends came up from lake forest. we went to downtown la, walked around for a bit, not accomplishing anything, but seeing all the super fake people trying to get into super hip clubs. it was fun to see the part of LA i'll never willingly go to again.

so. the lake forest guys take us back to their place, where we immediately pass out while watching the power rangers movie. the next day, they had a welcome back party for nick. at least, a bunch of people came over, got super drunk, and played beer pong. nick was sick from a del taco burrito, so there wasn't so much partying for him. oh well.

the day after that was the fourth! so, we hung out at nick's friend sam's house for the day, ate some grilled füd, and watched the fireworks. also, shot a crawfish out of an air cannon. directly back into the creek, mind you, but he must have thought it was fun. this was followed by going back to the place we'd stayed previously for another round of drunkenness.

i woke up at around noon on the sixth, and we started to head down the PCH. we got as far as huntington beach before it got dark, so we met up with yet another of nick's friends, and stayed with him. we got to sleep in beds (BEDS!) and everything was fantastic. he dropped us off the next morning on the pch.

that's when nick got the news. he'd had a death in the family, and he had to go to a funeral. i don't blame him at all, he is a true friend and was a great traveling companion. i wish him and his family the best, and send my condolences.

so, i was back on my own. i went to the actual beach at huntington beach, sat on the sand for a bit, then retreated to the shade to wait for the guy who was gonna put me up for the night. met some cool people (a guy walked over, asked me what my story was, then gave me 25 bucks, which i spent on my first In-n-Out). then robert picked me up, i stayed the night, and here we are.

once again, i'm so sorry it's been a while since i updated, but i hope this one was meaty enough for you. i'll be updating regularly again soon.


Friday, July 1, 2011

oh what fun

Alright, update. Here's what's been going on...

So, a guy picks me up outside of the pilot I was at. I was on the onramp, even! Sorry vince, but he was totally a trucker, and totally a great dude. Hiz name was zulu, and his copilot was hot rod. If all is going according to plan, they should be reading this. Hey guys.

Anyway, they took me as far as san antonio, which was exactly where I needed to go. There, I met up with nick. We hit it off immediately, thankfully, and we started over to the onramp. We stayed there til dark, with no luck. Headed back over to the petro, got some food, them sat with our sign out at the petro, looking for a ridel within 10 minutes, an off duty cop came up and told us we were trespassing, amd that we had to leave, etc. So we head back over to the onramp, where we met a colorful gent who we believe was malicious in intent. So we go back to the pilot, regroup, and call parents, etc.

Nicks dad, upon finding he hasn't slept since sunday, offers to buy us a room at the rest inn across the street, and we gladly accepted. 24 hours later,  here we are. We're both well rested, and ready to get back out there! But, apparently, this is a notably shitty part of town. People keep telling us as much, at least. And that we are unlikely to find a ride out of here. A bigass trap, san antonio is. Current plan- our moms appear to be buying us bus tickets out of here, to LA. Once we get on the coast,  it'll be cake. I know this somewhat defies the goal, but its so awful here i'm willing to do that.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll let you guys know when I get to la or if my plan changes. <3 thanks for the ticket, mom. I really needed it.