Friday, June 24, 2011

well. hello.

so, plenty of people have been telling me to start a blog, so here's your damn blog.

here's the story so far: i decided at the beginning of may to hitchhike across the country. so, i set to planning. in this case, planning means: i sat around, drank, smoked, and read about hitchhiking for a couple weeks. once i was sufficiently informed, i started packing stuff to go. then, a friend (debatable) of mine told me she wanted to come too, so she came along.

and then, on may 31st, at around 5 pm, we headed out. walked out to dallas highway with a sign that said  278 (hwy 278, the way to our first stop) and started going. within 10 minutes, a guy pulls up and takes us all the way to the highway and a little further. within hours, we were at our first destination, huntsville alabama. yes, there are stories in between all these places, but those are for a different day, and a different post.

so we leave huntsville, where a kindly ent put us up for the night, and head south for new orleans. we actually hitchhiked through the whole night to get there, finally arriving in new orleans on june second. we stayed for two days, had further misadventures, and couldn't escape the big easy. why? hitchhiking is illegal in orleans parish! damn and blast. oh well. so we're stuck there for two days, finally escaping because another ent from NO gives us a hundo, smokes us out on some fine-ass dank, and helps us get out of the city.

then it's the fourth, and we're at my dad's house. hooray, we're gonna take a short break. short break turns into three days, then five.... alright, i say. we gotta get the fuck outta dodge. so, we're driving to the truck stop for our next leg... and keely starts crying. she doesn't want to go to houston, she says, she wants to go home. the boy she just broke up with is taking her back, and she wants to go back to atlanta. next day, she's on a flight home.

which leaves me where i am now: in baton rouge. i should be on the move soon, but until then, expect more posts with the tales i've skipped, pictures, and of course more adventure in the future.


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  1. I just read your post. I'm sorry that your hitchhiking all by yourself. With women there is always bound to be drama (even if they say they don't do drama!) I look forward to the pictures and possibly maybe even a video of your adventure here. What your doing is inspiring to me and know that I'm keeping up of what your doing. I hope to see back in Georgia safe and sound.

    Peace and Safe Travels!