Tuesday, June 28, 2011

well, that was awkward.

so, i didn't manage to escape baton rouge last night. i stayed at the pilot in denham springs for five hours, being just as nice as i could be. saying hi to people, asking how busy they've been. even asked a few people to call out on their cbs and see if anyone was going texasward. not a goddamn one of them. really, the hardest part of hitchhiking is waiting. it's interminable. however, you have to abide by the one rule of hitchhiking: someone will always pick you up. last night, i would have, i really would, but the manager ran me off after five hours. he said he was originally only gonna give me five minutes, but revised it to five hours because he, too, was having a shitty day. at least he was nice about kicking me off, he could have just called the cops and been done with it. oh well.

apparently nick (as his name is nick, not kearns. fucking facebook. [also, i know you're reading this, nick's family. i curse a lot. deal with it.]) has been waiting at the pilot in san antonio for almost a full day. he went on a little adventure last night, apparently involving rattlesnakes and men with phones. but! he's still safe and sound at the pilot, waiting for dear old me. i feel bad, but it was either give up the ghost for the night, or get arrested, and i surely don't want to get arrested.

so, yes. new plan! i called ahead to a small town truck stop, one that didn't have to bend to corporate policy, and plainly explained that i was hitchhiking across the country, and i've had trouble at other places, and i need to find a ride. i won't bother your customers, and i will be buying stuff as long as i'm there, i told them. and guess what? the manager okayed it. at least, i think it was the manager. a lady gave him the phone after i started trying to explain what i was doing and why i was calling. i suppose, in retrospect, that it was kind of an odd call.

ME: excuse me, what's your policy on hitchhiking?
HER: umm... whut?
ME: you see, i'm hitchhiking across the country...
HER: (interrupting) yeah, just let me give you to this gentleman right here
HIM: (whispered) who is it?
HER: (whispered) this is definitely a call for you, man.
HIM: hello?
ME: hi, sir, i was just wondering... you see, i'm hitchhiking across the country, and i've had some problems at other truck stops. i'm just trying to find a ride to houston...

blah, blah blah. you get the idea. apparently questions of policy are far too much for a simple worker bee.

in any case! tiger truck stop, in grosse tete, louisiana, will be my next stop. then, to houston! then, san antonio! and then, hopefully, all the way to LA. damnit. it's gonna happen.

EDIT: i totally forgot, a guy gave me 20 bucks and told me i'd be better served buying a bus ticket. i used his money to buy jerky. :3


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