Sunday, June 26, 2011

and so we begin again

well hooray. i seem to have found a partner to accompany me on this epic quest of mine- a stranger i met on the internet! that's kind of the theme of this whole journey you know. using the internet to make my adventure happen. i would imagine the title of the blog gave that fact away. in any case, his name is kearns, and he lives in san antonio. he's originally from socal, it seems. the la area, in fact, which is perfect! i have a lot of ents that want to meet up in the socal area. anyway, i met him on derpchan. yes, you know the one. he seems like a fairly well balanced guy, and i think we'll get along great. (famous last words, right?)

in any case, here's the plan over the next couple of days: i'm leaving here tomorrow afternoon, headed west down I-10 to san antonio. there, i'll meet kearns, and we'll start heading towards las cruces. we're trying not to stop in el paso for any reason, so we're attempting to find someone who will take us through it. hopefully we can find someone going all the way to la! that would be ideal.

so, we'll stay in la for a day or two. give him a chance to see friends, me a chance to meet some people from the internet. all good stuff. after that, up the coast to san francisco, then to portland. and from portland it should be incredibly easy to find someone going to the rainbow family gathering, as it's the closest airport/major city to the site.

all very very exciting stuff, i assure you. i'm gonna do a post about the rainbow family tomorrow before i leave, then updates will become more sparse. i intend to blog from my phone as much as possible, once i get it.

in any case, peace.



  1. Always wanted to do this myself, good luck!

  2. Sounds like it's gonna be quite an adventure!