Friday, July 1, 2011

oh what fun

Alright, update. Here's what's been going on...

So, a guy picks me up outside of the pilot I was at. I was on the onramp, even! Sorry vince, but he was totally a trucker, and totally a great dude. Hiz name was zulu, and his copilot was hot rod. If all is going according to plan, they should be reading this. Hey guys.

Anyway, they took me as far as san antonio, which was exactly where I needed to go. There, I met up with nick. We hit it off immediately, thankfully, and we started over to the onramp. We stayed there til dark, with no luck. Headed back over to the petro, got some food, them sat with our sign out at the petro, looking for a ridel within 10 minutes, an off duty cop came up and told us we were trespassing, amd that we had to leave, etc. So we head back over to the onramp, where we met a colorful gent who we believe was malicious in intent. So we go back to the pilot, regroup, and call parents, etc.

Nicks dad, upon finding he hasn't slept since sunday, offers to buy us a room at the rest inn across the street, and we gladly accepted. 24 hours later,  here we are. We're both well rested, and ready to get back out there! But, apparently, this is a notably shitty part of town. People keep telling us as much, at least. And that we are unlikely to find a ride out of here. A bigass trap, san antonio is. Current plan- our moms appear to be buying us bus tickets out of here, to LA. Once we get on the coast,  it'll be cake. I know this somewhat defies the goal, but its so awful here i'm willing to do that.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll let you guys know when I get to la or if my plan changes. <3 thanks for the ticket, mom. I really needed it.


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