Thursday, July 7, 2011

been a while.

sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days, i've been without internet, and we took an unscheduled stop in lake forest for a couple days. so, from where we left off.

nick and i left the rest in, headed for the bus station. managed to walk a mile before i told him that we probably wouldn't make the 8.5 necessary to get to the bus station in time, so we grabbed a cab. woo. got to the bus station for the grueling daylong ride to LA. on the bus, we met crackheads, grandmas, and more children than we really would've liked. but! we made it to los angeles, and that's what matters.

nick's friend mark came and got us from the bus station, we went over to his house, chilled out, and sat for a while, before nick's friends came up from lake forest. we went to downtown la, walked around for a bit, not accomplishing anything, but seeing all the super fake people trying to get into super hip clubs. it was fun to see the part of LA i'll never willingly go to again.

so. the lake forest guys take us back to their place, where we immediately pass out while watching the power rangers movie. the next day, they had a welcome back party for nick. at least, a bunch of people came over, got super drunk, and played beer pong. nick was sick from a del taco burrito, so there wasn't so much partying for him. oh well.

the day after that was the fourth! so, we hung out at nick's friend sam's house for the day, ate some grilled füd, and watched the fireworks. also, shot a crawfish out of an air cannon. directly back into the creek, mind you, but he must have thought it was fun. this was followed by going back to the place we'd stayed previously for another round of drunkenness.

i woke up at around noon on the sixth, and we started to head down the PCH. we got as far as huntington beach before it got dark, so we met up with yet another of nick's friends, and stayed with him. we got to sleep in beds (BEDS!) and everything was fantastic. he dropped us off the next morning on the pch.

that's when nick got the news. he'd had a death in the family, and he had to go to a funeral. i don't blame him at all, he is a true friend and was a great traveling companion. i wish him and his family the best, and send my condolences.

so, i was back on my own. i went to the actual beach at huntington beach, sat on the sand for a bit, then retreated to the shade to wait for the guy who was gonna put me up for the night. met some cool people (a guy walked over, asked me what my story was, then gave me 25 bucks, which i spent on my first In-n-Out). then robert picked me up, i stayed the night, and here we are.

once again, i'm so sorry it's been a while since i updated, but i hope this one was meaty enough for you. i'll be updating regularly again soon.


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